HALO 1 2nd Generation

The 2nd Generation HALO 1 Constellation Series launched in 2017 is the flagship range of the HALO LED strip light series and is considered to be the most technologically advanced lighting system in its class.  It is available in multiple voltage ranges including but not limited to 220V (200VAC – 240VAC), 110V (90VAC – 130VAC) & 36V (30VAC – 40VAC)



Electrical connection of the lighting strip is done at one end only by a two-wire connection into existing electrical supply and is as simple as connecting any household appliance. With the introduction of the E27 globe adaptor, HALO can be easily integrated into existing lighting infrastructure without the need for any electrical connections, simply by unscrewing the nearest light bulb replacing it with the screw in the HALO E27 globe adaptor, which then plugs directly into the already factory fitted adaptors.



In the installation of HALO it is important to ensure that the electrical installation is in compliance with “Mine Health & Safety Standards” and that all standard electrical protection devices are in place as with any normal lighting installation, however HALO has implemented its own ”fail safe protection” which is provided with each and every high voltage HALO solution which will ensure immediate isolation of the electricity feed should the integrity of the LED strip lighting be compromised, this will ensure complete safety for all users of HALO always!



The new designs incorporate cluster management technology, whereas the LEDs are fixed onto PCB boards forming clusters which are then welded together and extruded in a food grade silicone to form the actual strip lighting, these PCB boards are connected in parallel with the electrical circuit working together in synergy as a lighting platform, but independently in the unlikely case of failure, this means if there is a failure on any components of the lighting it would be isolated and not affect the remaining lighting system.

Each independent cluster is fitted with the cutting edge new HALO developments such as:

a) "Intelligent temperature control" electronics, which carefully monitors the LED temperatures within the cluster; should the safe parameters be exceeded then the “intelligent temperature controller” will automatically reduce the current flow which will dim the affected cluster until the safe temperatures parameters are restored, & then restore the maximum current.

b) Built in short circuit protection which automatically cuts the power in the event of a short circuit & normalizes once restored.

c) Voltage surge management devices which effectively manages voltage fluctuations by preventing heightened voltages from damaging the LED’s by limiting the voltage to an acceptable value.

d) Miniature AC/DC convertors which convert the VAC to VDC to energize the LED’s.


These unique and cutting edge improvements mark a drastic technological leap ahead from the discontinued 1st generation and were strategically implemented to nullify the relevant and prevalent issues encountered in the harsh mining conditions which are detrimental to LED technology, and continue to define HALO as the market leader in providing the industry with the proven most reliable and technologically advanced underground lighting systems available globally.



HALO has a long-range functionality able to easily illuminate 100 meter runs which require only one electrical connection at the beginning of the length which is all that is needed to energize the entire 100-meter run; this unique feature means that electrical cabling and infrastructure usually required to be fitted throughout underground tunnels are no longer necessary saving massive amounts of monies in equipment & manpower.

This feature can be doubled up in tunnels of 200 meters whereas only one power point on either end is required and HALO can light up the entire tunnel with both ends meeting in the middle.



The lighting is supplied and packaged in lightweight & easy to manage 10 meter rolls, each of which comes complete with male and female adaptors, one on each end which provides a “plug and play” modular functionality allowing various lengths to be easily joined together or removed to reach the desired length from 10 to 40 meters. Also, the various segments are interchangeable, this means any of the four options being Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Delta may be incorporated in any configuration within a single run of lighting emitting different levels of lighting throughout the length or different colours as desired, provided that the maximum range of 100 meters is not exceeded. This 10-meter segmented plug and play design, ensures for quick and efficient replacements should any damage occur on any lighting segment.



Installation of the HALO lighting solution is an effortless and rapid exercise with one team of only two people able to install up to 1000 meters per day; the lighting is rolled out across the area to be installed and simply fixed onto any existing structures such as straining wires etc. by means of cable straps or any other means preferred.









To counter the prevalent attempts to copy HALO, each roll of lighting comes complete with a HALO authentic label including holographic sticker and QR scanning functionality which will provide the user with unique product details for verification, also on the underneath of each strip, the HALO branding as well as product descriptive printing is visible.



HALO 2nd Generation



The HALO 1 series is the flagship range of the HALO LED strip light series. We have taken a combination of technology from the now obsolete 1st generation of HALO 1 and HALO 2 and made advanced upgrades making this solution the global leader in underground lighting. We have four different solutions in the HALO 1 Constellation Series.  See them in the stars below.

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