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HALO Solutions have designed & developed our latest cutting edge solution as an improved option for globe replacements in undergound mining, impoving luminescence dispertion & brightness without compromising quality, efficiency and safety.

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In the continuously evolving economy & the drive towards most cost-effective lighting options without compromising on quality, performance and safety; the dynamic research and development team at HALO Solutions have developed a highly innovative HALO globe replacement solution which is quickly becoming the number 1 choice for mines around the world.


HALO Globe replacement is truly a zero-maintenance lighting solution & known affectionately by its users as “the install & forget” lighting system & unlike most conventional lighting and other LED alternatives, HALO is specifically and purposefully designed to function optimally in the demanding and harsh conditions of the mining sector. HALO thrives in areas where most other lighting cannot, & easily overcomes the highly destructive operational parameters in underground mining such as high ambient temperatures (often exceeding 40 degrees Celsius) & having to function efficiently without switching off but fully operational 24/7 & 365 days; these conditions cause most other lighting including LED lighting to self-destruct very quickly incurring massive financial maintenance drains, and the dismal poorly lit conditions affecting morale & efficiency considerably.


The E27 Globe replacement solution comes complete with all the innovative HALO 1 features:

a) "Intelligent temperature control" electronics, which carefully monitors the LED temperatures within the cluster; should the safe parameters be exceeded then the “intelligent temperature controller” will automatically reduce the current flow which will dim the affected cluster until the safe temperatures parameters are restored, & then restore the maximum current.

b) Built in short circuit protection which automatically cuts the power in the event of a short circuit & normalizes once restored.

c) Voltage surge management devices which effectively manages voltage fluctuations by preventing heightened voltages from damaging the LED’s by limiting the voltage to an acceptable value.

d) Miniature AC/DC convertors which convert the VAC to VDC to energize the LED’s.


These unique and cutting edge improvements mark a drastic technological leap ahead from the discontinued 1st generation and were strategically implemented to nullify the relevant and prevalent issues encountered in the harsh mining conditions which are detrimental to LED technology, and continue to define HALO as the market leader in providing the industry with the proven most reliable and technologically advanced underground lighting systems available globally.





•  Ultra bright

•  IP67 Waterproof

Impact and shockproof

Energy efficient

•  3 Year warranty

•  Lifespan 5 - 10 years

•  Fire retardant

•  Self extinguishing

•  Uniform light distribution

•  Built in surge protection



The E27 HALO globe adaptor is easily and quickly screwed into any existing globe fitting and fitted with any length of HALO 1 LED light strip by means of a “plug & play” quick connect feature consisting of IP68 male and female couplers that plug in together. The plug-in system provides a modular functionality which allows the LED Strip in any length from 1 meter which is the preferred length for globe replacement, to 10 meters or more to be interchanged as needed with any of the HALO 1 ranges being ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA or DELTA allowing varying levels of illumination or different colors, the HALO E27 globe adaptor may even be used to energize lengths of up to 100 Meters of HALO 1 and functions perfectly in 110 or 220 voltage ranges.



In the installation of HALO it is important to ensure that the electrical installation is in compliance with “Mine Health & Safety Standards” and that all standard electrical protection devices are in place as with any normal lighting installation, however HALO has implemented its own ”fail safe protection” which is provided with each and every high voltage HALO solution which will ensure immediate isolation of the electricity feed should the integrity of the LED strip lighting be compromised, this will ensure complete safety for all users of HALO always!



Every design facet of HALO is carefully & meticulously considered & engineered, to create an ultra-reliable lighting platform with an estimated lifespan of up to 10 years.  It has a low profile and very robust design, which makes it almost impervious to external mechanical damage unlike most other bulky lighting systems and is also impervious to air flow dust accumulation. HALO is designed to last and continues to provide outstanding performance year after year, saving massive amounts of OPEX and considerably improving underground conditions in ways never thought possible.

The HALO Globe Replacement solution is available in a variety of colours.



Easy to install by simply removing the existing globe & installing the HALO E27 globe adaptor and then strapping the LED strip light onto existing infrastructure by means of PVC cable straps or any other means deemed appropriate.



a) The lighting is supplied and packaged in lightweight & easy to manage 10 meter rolls, however any length from 1 meter upwards can be procured

b) desired length from 1 meter to 100 meters









To counter the prevalent attempts to copy HALO, each roll of lighting comes complete with a HALO authentic label including holographic sticker and QR scanning functionality which will provide the user with unique product details for verification, also on the underneath of each strip, the HALO branding as well as product descriptive printing is visible.




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