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"evolution of illumination"



In the year 2010 the concept of HALO was first birthed by inventor & patent holder Mr Karl Bezuidenhout by identifying the dire need for a specialized lighting system that can successfully operate in underground mining where all other conventional lighting systems were failing. Development of HALO began by first carefully analyzing the underground environments with its highly volatile and destructive conditions and identifying the special attributes that would be required by this unique lighting system that would enable it to overcome and thrive in these conditions. In depth consultations followed with leading mining electrical engineers and the governing authority in South African mining the Department of Mineral Resources to ensure that the HALO would meet and even exceed the operational and safety parameters at the highest level.

Early in 2011 the groundbreaking HALO SERIES was introduced into the mining sector which quickly established itself as the market leader in specialized underground lighting and to this day HALO grows from strength, continuously pushing the boundaries of cutting edge technology and innovation.

With many successful installations worldwide since 2011, HALO boasts a success rate of 99.99%; statistically this is as little as 10 meters of a 100 000 meters with the potential for replacement, the results speak for themselves and is a testament to the outstanding and unmatched performance of HALO SERIES.

Left to right : Mr Ray Director Dept of Mineral Resources, Mr Anthony Coutinho Director of Safety Depart of Mineral Resources, Mr Karl Bezuidenhout Inventor of HALO, Mrs Debbie Fritz Marketing Manager of HALO.



HALO saves you money


From conceptual design to full production, HALO LED strip lighting is the only lighting system worldwide which is proven to save considerable CAPEX and OPEX by its implementation and is known by its clients as the most cost effective underground lighting solution available.


HALO has a long-range functionality able to easily illuminate 100 meter runs which require only one electrical connection at the beginning of the length which is all that is needed to energize the entire 100-meter run; this unique feature means that electrical cabling and infrastructure usually required to be fitted throughout underground tunnels are no longer necessary saving massive amounts of monies in equipment & manpower. This feature can be doubled up in tunnels of 200 meters whereas only one power point on either end is required and HALO can light up the entire tunnel with both ends meeting in the middle.

Because HALO is a zero-maintenance long warranty product, there are a no costs whatsoever required to maintain its functionality and when compared to actual data obtained from various mines maintenance costs, the implementation of HALO has an average return on investment of only one year, thereafter converting those original maintenance costs into massive savings, it is by far the most educated choice for forward thinkers as a cost-effective lighting solution for the mining sector.




HALO is truly a zero-maintenance lighting solution & known affectionately by its users as “the install & forget” lighting system & unlike most conventional lighting and other LED alternatives, HALO is specifically and purposefully designed to function optimally in the demanding and harsh conditions of the mining sector. HALO thrives in areas where most other lighting cannot, & easily overcomes the highly destructive operational parameters in underground mining such as high ambient temperatures (often exceeding 40 degrees Celsius) in almost aquatic conditions, & having to function efficiently without switching off but fully operational 24/7 & 365 days; these conditions cause most other lighting including LED lighting to self-destruct very quickly incurring massive financial maintenance drains, and the dismal poorly lit conditions affecting morale & efficiency considerably.


Every design facet of HALO is carefully & meticulously considered & engineered, to create an ultra-reliable lighting platform with an estimated lifespan of up to 10 years.  It has a low profile of only 4mm and very robust design, which makes it almost impervious to external mechanical damage unlike most other bulky lighting systems. HALO is designed to last and continues to provide outstanding performance year after year, saving massive amounts of OPEX and considerably improving underground conditions in ways never thought possible.




All professional miners know and understand that the most crucial factor that has a major impact on the improvement or decline of safety, morale & productivity is lighting; a lack of it can cause a significant deterioration in these fundamental cornerstones, however, a well illuminated area with consistent & stable lighting parameters, has shown to improve significantly in these crucial areas.


Typically mines incorporate an underground lighting design that consists of light fixtures fitted evenly apart usually spaced by 5 or 10 meters. Studies have shown that this inconsistent illumination platform, with continuous variables of high bright and low light areas throughout a tunnel is not conducive to an optimally safe and productive environment, but has a strong negative affect on the workers causing glare, confusion, poor morale and lack of focus inevitably leading to compromised safety.


HALO provides a complete flood of lighting, illuminating floors, walls and even ceilings without any shadows or dark spots whatsoever. Where in the past potential dangers may have been hidden through conventional lighting systems, they are now exposed by this unique feature of HALO. Its specialised design and selective components provide the assurance of minimal lighting degradation with a projected 15% over 4 years unlike most other lighting which experience accelerated degradation of up to 50% within 5 months in the harsh underground conditions.

"evolution of illumination"


The ground-breaking 2nd Generation HALO1 LED strip lighting launched in 2017, is considered to be the most technologically advanced underground lighting system in its class, with estimated lifespans of up to 10 years. every design facet of HALO carefully & meticulously considered in line with its dynamic & volatile operating environments, & incorporates highly specialized components & carefully selected materials working together in synergy to create a high quality reliable lighting platform, which delivers optimal levels of illumination in the most destructive of environments.


HALO has demonstrated to vastly improve safety & increase productivity & is truly a zero-maintenance lighting solution known affectionately by its users as “the install & forget” lighting system. It has a very low profile of only 4mm and very robust design which makes it almost impervious to external mechanical damage unlike all other bulky lighting systems and enjoys 99% success rate with as little as 1% repairs or returns documented throughout 7 years of successful operations. It is effortless to install with a maximum running length of 100 meters fed from one side only, modular, 100% waterproof, flame retardant and self-extinguishing producing zero toxic gases if burned & displays many innovative & unique features which are ingeniously built directly into the strip such as:


  • Intelligent temperature management, sensors monitor LED temperature and if safe parameters are exceeded the affected LED’s are automatically dimmed until safe temperatures are restored.
  • Intelligent voltage surge management, restorable resistors limit overcurrent and overvoltage situations.
  • AC to DC convertors, miniature voltage convertors.
  • Short circuit protection, in the case of short circuit the power is isolated until the circuit is normalized.


These unique and cutting edge improvements mark a drastic technological leap ahead from our now obsolete 1st generation and were strategically implemented to nullify the relevant and prevalent issues encountered in the harsh mining conditions which are detrimental to LED technology, and continue to define HALO as the market leader in providing the industry with the most reliable and technologically advanced underground lighting systems available globally.





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HALO offers six technologically advanced LED Strip Lighting solutions.

Each of them can be tailor-made to meet your specific requirements.

(Click on icons below to find out more about each solution)



Suitable for HALO 1 and HALO 2 LED strip lighting


The HALO INSTALLATION CLIP is the latest innovation by TEAM HALO which has been developed to provide a tailor-made installation option that is engineered exclusively for all our HALO LED Strip Lighting Systems, providing a lightweight but very robust in construction fixing method that enables a rapid and proficient installation method for HALO.



The clip is designed with a slot opening on the underside of the clip, through which the PVC straps can be inserted and then fastened onto the existing infrastructure; this slot is designed with 4 entrance and exit windows which allows the clip to be fitted in such a way as to allow a vertical or horizontal HALO installation. The PVC straps should then be tied to any existing infrastructure and held firmly in place.


The clip should be installed apart at 500mm intervals and once the PVC straps are properly tensioned & the clips securely fastened to the infrastructure, the HALO LED Lighting is then placed within the clip and lightly tensioned by hand to remove any sagging, thereafter the topside cover is pushed down firmly over the LED lighting to clip into the underside part, providing a snug and secure fastening for the HALO LED Lighting ensuring ideal support.



behind our success


The HALO 2nd Generation solution has been made available for installations worldwide.

For inquiries please contact us us directly to avoid any illegitimate agents posing as Halo suppliers.



What is the difference between HALO 1st Generation and HALO 2nd Generation?

HALO 1st Generation was developed in 2011 and is based upon outdated technology, the 2nd Generation HALO was designed to overcome any flaws that the HALO 1st Generation had and is a massive leap forward in a much improved and more affordable product.


What is the difference between HALO 1 & HALO 2?

HALO 2 required power controllers at regular intervals of the lighting which is used to convert the AC Voltage to a DC voltage which energizes the LED’s, the power controllers also provide protection for the LED’s such as voltage surges. The new 2nd Generation HALO 1 does not require power controllers and the AC to DC convertors and other protective devices that the power controllers provided are already built into the strip.


What colours are available?

All colours and colour temperatures are available.


Can you have multiple colours in a single run of lighting?

Yes, the lighting is fully interchangeable so a single run can consist of multiple colours &/or solutions


What lengths are available?

Any length from 1 meter to a maximum of 100 meters can be manufactured according to clients need.


Are eddy currents or other electromagnetic charges emitted?

No tests have been carried out to determine this but to date there has been no confirmation of any issues due to this even by engineers who raised this concern and have had the lighting installed.


Is theft of the lighting a problem?

The lighting is strapped at regular intervals as a deterrent and to date there have been no recorded cases of theft.


How do I connect the light?

Power can be taken from any existing source within the voltage range and the light strip can be directly connected to that with a simple two wire connection.


Can the lighting and connectors be submerged underwater?

Yes, the lighting and connectors are 100% waterproof.


Where are the lights manufactured?

The lighting is manufactured in China according to orders placed and shipped directly to clients.


Can the lighting be relocated and re-used?



If the lighting is installed on machinery does vibrations affect the lighting?

No, the lighting is 100% extruded in silicone and is not affected by vibrations.


How are repairs carried out if lighting is damaged?

The affected segment can easily be replaced by another replacement segment, however due to the low profile of only 4mm it is very unlikely that the lighting will be damaged, to date no cases have been recorded.


Is the lighting toxic and requiring special handling for disposal?

No, the lighting is not toxic and requires no special handling


Is the lighting toxic when burned?

No, the lighting is not toxic when burned, it is flame retardant and self-extinguishing.


Are connectors supplied separate and installed on site?

No, the connectors are moulded directly onto the strip light at factory for waterproofing and strength.


Is the lighting resistant to corrosive materials?

Yes, because of the silicone extrusion, the lighting is impervious to most corrosive materials as silicone generally is.





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